Bill Sienkiewicz 1986-1987: excerpts from Elektra: Assassin #4-8

Kuljit Mithra of asks Sienkiewicz a question many of us had…

Whose idea was it to use the photo of ‘Ken Wind’? Whose photo is that?

Sienkiewicz: Mine, and Ken Wind doesn’t exist except in pieces. It weirded me out, when years later George Bush chose Dan Quayle as his V.P. I thought, “Ken Wind has come to life.” Turns out it was not too far from the truth.

I love Sienkiewicz’s use of the unchanging Xerox face as the mask the Beast uses in his guise of a politician. I see this same mask in almost every politician in front of the news cameras to this day.

Also brilliantly noteworthy is the bitter little Nixon/Reagan amalgam caricature Sienkiewicz created for the unnamed incumbent President. Sienkiewicz would return to political-themed projects in the future with 1989’s Brought to Light and 1990’s Friendly Dictators.

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